Norwin Schmidt

Mechanical Engineer and Industrial Product Designer

Specialized in Human Machine Interactions


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  • October 2014 - now
    Master in Integrated Design Engineering
    magdeburg, germany
  • April 2014 - Sept. 2014
  • 2013 - 2014
    graduand at electronics research lab
    (Volkswagen group of america)
    belmont, california
  • December 2013
    u.s. patent
    filed for volkswagen group of america
  • september 2013
    Bachelor Thesis - human machine interfaces
    VW group research, wolfsburg + ERL, belmont (CA)
  • 2009 - 2013
    mechanical engineering aND INDUSTRIAL product DESIGN
    University of applied sciences, emden
  • september 2012 - february 2013
    design project with delvis gmbh
    regensburg, germany
  • march 2012 - june 2012
    design project with VW group research
    wolfsburg, germany
  • august 2011 - march 2012
    study abroad, promos scholarship
    ehu / upv, san sebastian, spain
  • june 2011
    1st place in technical competition
    screwdriver race - design and technical realization
    hildesheim, germany
  • 2007 – 2008
    Schullandheim st. franziskus
  • 2007
  • 1987
    I'm here.
    Westerland, Germany


2011 - 2014

  • March 2014
    Phantom Watch
    (personal project, 1 day)
    This project is about the concept development of a faceless watch; It projects two laser stripes onto the user's hand wrist and is diffused by a glass element in the middle of the watch.
  • March 2014
    james 2025 concept car
    featuring work of my bachelor thesis
    This show car by Volkswagen and Audi was presented in the CeBIT opening ceremony 2014 as an interior design study for autonomous vehicles. I created the center console of this car as part of my bachelors thesis and envisioned different interaction concepts for futuristic autonomous vehicles (including gesture controls, haptics and touch interfaces).
  • january 2014
    NoBrainer - Interaction concept
    1st price @ ATT Hackathon, Redwood City, CA
    NoBrainer was created during a Hackathon (ATT 2014) in Redwood City, California. In 48 hours we created this fun App that was connected to a NeuroSky Brain Wave detector. Similar to the popular App Tinder, this App shows you different persons and triggers a Match or NoMatch (hot or not) command depending on your brain level activity. I was responsible for the whole UI and interaction concept. Eventually we were able to win the first place in this competition.
  • december 2013
    laser wood engraving
    personal project
  • June 2011
    mailbox concept
    University of Applied Sciences, Emden, Germany
  • May 2011
    screwdriver race
    (@Hildesheim University)
    In 2011 we participated with a small team of 5 students in the competition “Akkuschrauberrennen” (screwdriver race). Within 3 months we built a vehicle that weighs only 12 kilograms and can go up to 30km/h. In the race we won the first place in the main category speed. I was responsible for the design and manufacturing process.
  • november 2011
    collapsible surfboard
    (EHU / UPV, San sebastian spain)
    This project was about the concept development of a collapsible Surfboard.
  • november 2011
    selfmade longboard
    personal project
    made out of 2 layers of Birch wood and covered with vinyl and glass
  • march-may 2011
    3D Tron model
    University of Applied Sciences Emden, Germany
    project in CAS (computer aided styling); Built in Autodesk Alias Automotive and rendered in Autodesk Showcase.


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